Engineering Faculty
University of Naples Federico II,
Naples, Italy
December 18 - 19, 2008

Organized by:

The University of Naples Federico II, the University of Salerno and University of Sannio in cooperation with

the University of Roma Tre and Microwave Engineering Center for Space Applications (MECSA)

The Workshop aims to address a wide area of research related to metamaterials and special materials, encompassing general theory, design, applications, fabrication and measurements, for applications in a wide frequency range from microwaves up to the optical region. The Workshop is an interdisciplinary national forum amongst physicists, electronic engineers, and chemists useful both for specialists, in order to consolidate and extend their knowledge in the field, and for those who for the first time enter this fascinating world. The event will be organised jointly with the 15th MECSA National Symposium on "Novel technologies and materials for microwave electronics and optoelectronics."

Under the patronage of:

Provincia di Napoli